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    I am driving instructor and some of my students cant stop talking!.

    How should I tell my students who seem to be more interested in talking about there life problems then whating to learn to drive.

    Its mainly young people talking about there relationship problem's or there frineds problems or just whating to have chit chat and tell there life story.

    So how can I get to stop talking so much of there personal life to me without being rude?.

    Becouse I am being payed to be there driving instructor not there social worker.

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    Stop being tolerant about their rude behavior and tell them to drive rather than discuss their life problems; however, it would not hurt to show empathy and just listen first.

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    I remember taking driving lessons and having very cool conversations with my driving instructors. These kids are all nervous! When I was nervous I wouldn't talk and my instructors would START the conversation. How is this being rude?

    Can't you hold a conversation AND instruct? Worst case scenario, slow down the convo so they are focused. But I think getting in a car with a teacher that was quiet for 2 hours would be weird.

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