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    Any one need advice on Government Job opportunities?

    Hello young chaps,

    If any one looking for any advice related to Government Job opportunities and its benefits compared to Private Market jobs. I have answers for you with free seminars, workshops.

    I used to write many blogs related to these government jobs in our Vetrii IAS Academy website.

    You are most welcome to raise your queries on this forum?

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    Well, I can assure you that there are infinite number of government jobs for intermediate passed people in India. But , only a few of them are rewarding. You can try for the post of a stenographer, which is much more rewarding than others. Also, other jobs are Sports officials, umpires, administraters, photographer etc..

    Apart from these, one can also opt for : drivers, lab technicians, cook, peon , clerk , data operator, receptionists, security guards and various other posts in the Government institutions…

    Read the complete article here - Government Jobs after 12th
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    I could use such an advice because I have been trying hard to find a government job without any success. If you write such a blog do let us know.

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