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    Is nursing really for me?


    I'm currently a senior in high school and I know it may seem like I have plenty of time to firgure out what I want to do with my future, but I would like to have a clear idea now. My father passed away from cancer last year and I've known for awhile that I would like a career in medicine/health/healing people. When I think of what I want, ideally, in my future profession it would be my own patients or clients and treating them in a holistic way while intertwining western medicine with naturopathic medicine. I know I am not passionate enough about medicine to become an MD or a DO. I've considered getting my BSN, but I know that I don't really want to be a nurse and I would be using the degree solely to further my education(become an NP or Midwife). I know this post is a but all over the place and I apologize, but can\ anyone offer me any advice on a career or education path that may suit me?

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    You have my condolences for your dad passing away. As for the career you choose, it should be one that fully matches your passion, skills, education level and need to make a comfortable living.
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    A career in Nursing

    My condolences for your father passing. I completely agree, a career that will be the most satisfying and rewarding is one that combines your passions, interests and skills. I understand that figuring out what exactly that career looks like is the challenging part. A career in nursing can be extremely rewarding but it wont come easy. Check out this post I found - it include something interesting information on what exactly you can do with a BSN. Hopefully this help, best of luck to you! As you said, you have plenty of time to figure it out!

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    Hi, vanillajenkins! You said that you've known for awhile that you would like a career in medicine/health/healing people. I think you still have time to decide what path to take but thinking ahead is really great. Maybe you should talk to someone who works in medicine? To see, if it interests you. Or maybe talk to some medicine students. Try to get as many opinions as possible but listen to your guts. I know I didn't help much but I wish you luck!

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    Post Is nursing really for me?

    I understand you will not be happy in medicine. right? High salaries or other motives will not help you. Better find another industry for a successful career http://masscv.com

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    You have to have a passion of helping people to be able to make a career out of nursing. Otherwise you will be just fed up in no time.

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