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    Best Tips For Cracking Your Telephonic Interview
    In today’s IT boom there are various latest jobs in IT available for you but then the companies conduct a telephonic round instead of walk in interview jobs. So just prepare yourself with these tips for exploring your career opportunities.

    1) Do a homework: Just look for various kinds of questions and answers that you would be shot at by the interviewer. Practice it well and try to be fluent and confident in English. The only advantage you have in this kind of an interview is invisibility.

    2) Choose a good phone and a spot: You will definitely get to know about the timings before hand and therefore be prepared with an isolated spot without any disturbance and use a good phone for the call preferably land line.

    3) Ask questions wisely: After the telephonic interview round completes the interviewer will ask will invite for your questions. So use this opportunity wisely by asking questions about the role and about the company’s new strategy and plan. This will show how serious you are about the company.

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    4) Be positive: Optimism and confidence is half way towards success. Though there is no visibility, the interviewer can sense your mood through your voice. Your voice will reflect your mindset and behaviour. So, feel good about yourself and be show how confident you are.

    5) Do not discuss about salary: Generally telephonic round is not considered as the final around in any interview and salary discussions and negotiations are done in the final stage. While the panel is still assessing about your skills do not show you are here for money.

    6) Take down notes: During the telephonic interview be prepared to take down notes if anything important. Have a copy of your resume and offer letter to answer any question related to your resume.

    7) Do not underestimate telephonic round: Just because you both are not visible for each other that does not mean you can take it lightly and there are chances that you can be eliminated if you make the interviewer feel that you are not good enough.

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    Sound enthusiastic and be ready to ask for directions to the location.
    Todd can teach you a lot about how to get a job and get more out of your career.

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    Thanks a lot for these interview tips and yes you shouldn't be late and don't be high on your attitude, be genuine, put everything on resume. for more information follow these guidelines too.

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    Sandesh Bukate
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