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    Unhappy Feeling careerless.

    Evening all, hope all is well.

    Last year I left a job/company after nearly 10 years now 32. I was burnt out after 50-60 hour weeks and the issues that arose within the job. Since then I took some time out to travel and been working with an agency as an education and behaviour specialist. January this year I was appointed to a full time teachers assistant with the hopes to go into teaching, this would also mean going back in a year to do a PGCE for a year. It's quite the commitment for something I am really not sure of 😳

    My question to you, would you stick with it and dedicate yourself if you feel it means a lot of sacrifice or would you leave your comfort bubble and seek new oppotunities all together? I'm very techy, creative and enjoy photoshop/photography as a hobby as well as getting out and about so not 100% sure a ball and chain desk job is for me?

    Quick recap of career so far:
    10 years experience in the higher and primary education sector
    - 4 student services assistant (guidance and information in higher education)
    - 4 years night time education officer (50-60 hour weeks looking after 2,000 students - higher education)
    - 2 years education and behaviour assistant (current, little pay)

    - BA Psychology/Sociology
    - NVQ customer level 3
    - GNVQ IT and Business
    - low GCSE's but complete all

    - ran and managed my own gaming site reviewing free games along as managing a team of writers
    - keep gym and runner
    - 2 years voluntry work with a childrens charity

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    Now that you've assessed your skills, work toward getting the career that fits your passion and maybe gives you any leisure or family time you may desire.
    Todd can teach you a lot about how to get a job and get more out of your career.

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