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    I am being accused of mistreating my employees...what should I do?

    I am being accused of mistreating my employees...what should I do?

    I had an argument with a direct report, a front line supv. He defiantly refused orders, raised my voice so he raised his etc. People were present and hear they felt embarrassed, and think both acted very unprofessional.

    I asked HR and my boss to help me on a consult yet my boss decided it be best to relocate supv without formal disciplinary consultation. I was told it was better to talk about the change so I agreed. Yet, when we had the talk, the employee at the end said he wanted to make them aware that not only have I mistreated him but also our employees! I said nothing during the meeting but shortly after I emailed my boss and HR and said I'd like such serious claims be clarified/substantiated. My boss then responds that the only thing he would do is sit down with me and ask what I think is my employees' perception of me. So I replied and said what I heard so far, meaning I had approached employees to find out not who had been right or wrong but to find out how my actions had affected them.

    The problem now is that I found out through one of my most trusted employees that my boss has a meeting scheduled with all my reports behind my back. I know not to be concerned because I have turned in to HR. a very detailed report of everything that happened, yet known nd of upset that they are following through on those claims and yet ignore the insubordination concerns. Thoughts?

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    Ask your boss whether your status with the company is in jeopardy. If it is and you can't turn things around, begin looking for another job.
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