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    Using Bonus to Meet Salary Requirements

    A few weeks ago, I spoke with an HR/Talent Acquisition person about a position I had applied for at their company. I gave them a salary range 100-115k. For my years of experience and the responsibilities of this position, that salary is pretty much in line with other jobs on the market and other positions I have been interviewing for. The HR person responded to that with something along the lines of "Well, we have a very generous bonus program and great benefits, so I'm sure we can meet those requirements."

    Two weeks later, I've gone through 3 rounds of interviews and I'm fairly certain they will be offering me the position, however, I'm afraid they'll be leveraging a bonus to fulfill part of my salary (90k + 10% bonus or something). In terms of what I'm making now, that base salary is pretty similar so my only raise would be considered the bonus which of course is performance/company based and not guaranteed income.

    I'm wondering how to best go about this situation should an offer like that be made. Yes, should I be offered that 10% bonus in full every year I will be ultimately making the salary I had asked for, but the reality is 10% of that salary fluctuates and is ultimately up to them how much they want to give me (if anything). In terms of benefits, my current company offers highly flexible hours, unlimited vacation, and a great work from home policy which this place does not. So even if their benefits are great, it's a downgrade from what I currently have.
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