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    Changing my cover letter for interview

    I am expecting an interview for an internship with a company. I read over my cover letter and wasn't impressed what I initially wrote (note: I haven't wrote a cover letter before, so I am learning). Is it appropriate to bring a newly written cover letter to the interview while still touching on the same points that I made from the original cover letter?

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    Although I've only heard of bringing a copy of your resume just in case, it couldn't hurt to bring your cover letter too.
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    I think if you still have aspects of your previous cv on your new one then it shouldn't be a problem correcting it, just make sure to incorporate some parts of your old cv into your new one. Good luck on the interview!

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    According to me it won't create any problem but you said the interview is for internship follow these guidelines for internship interview, this will be helpful for you.

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