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    Energy Saving Tips?

    Hi. I just want to know what you do to maintain energy efficiency in your company. My Dad said they have done all the things to minimize energy consumption in his company but every month is just the same - high bills! What's the best way to monitor and manage energy consumption? Suggestions please.

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    Besides using energy-efficient light bulbs, reducing energy use and turning off lights when not using them, you can ask your utility company for tips.
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    This made me really curious. I found this website for energy saving tips. I guess, also, one of the things that can be done is to determine what areas you are consuming the most energy and focus on that area. Once you've brought the consumption in that areas down to your goal, you can move on to the next area of focus and so on. I know there are software that you can use to for energy management. This is one of them. All in all, energy management is really possible anyway, whether it is at work or at home. I am not an expert, but the suggestions on the earlier tips site that I found sounds simple enough and very do-able.

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