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    Red flags at new position

    So I have been working as a temp for about two months now and I've really liked my boss up until a few weeks ago. She's always acted like she is really on top of her game and knows how to handle employees (part of her job is coincidentally, retention) but as the months have gone by I've seen some red flags with her job as a manager and I'm wondering if I should look for new work after my temp trial is over.

    My boss just took 5 days off, and failed to consider signing off my hours for my paycheck. She informed me of her time off very last minute, and when I asked her about approving my time sheet before she left, she asked me if we could put it off until she returned. I told her I'd rather have it on time and her response was 'me too, but there's nothing I can do'. My paycheck is now still late and a week overdue because of this. I have brake lights out that need repair, and I've had to put it off because I don't have the finances.

    When she returned, we had a meeting and she brought up the absence I had the month prior, saying I needed to be careful. And I was missing about a day per month at this rate. I thought the conversation was weird. About a month ago, I had to miss work because I was really ill, like grossly fever, puking ill. I felt like this was no big deal, there was no work I fell behind on, in fact there was no work at all, and Im hourly-- so it was a loss on my end. When I returned it was never mentioned.

    I tried to see her point of the criticism, but also a bit hypocritical as she has missed work and left early multiple times since I've been there. Ultimately I can't control having a bad flu, and I'm a human being. A temp... but still a human being.

    I've also felt a loss of job satisfaction there because she never gives me any tasks to work on, and what she does give me, takes me maybe an hour to complete. She overwhelmed me with this sudden negative feedback that I wasn't prepared for and told me she wants me to 'keep busy and stay sharp, even when there's nothing to do'. I honestly had no idea what that meant and couldn't help but take a bit of offense to it. Most of the time there I feel like the day drags on, because she has nothing for me to work on (despite hiring me as a support role) and has said for two months that all her projects are 'awaiting approval' and I will be so busy soon... starting to sound like bull.

    Her manager quit one day out of the blue, and her new manager is very particular apparently, so I try to think maybe that's playing a part in this, but I'm just feeling like my presence there is pointless and she's waving some red flags. She also asked me if I'd want to work there full time if they offered me the position, as my 3 month trial is up in April. This is why I think she provided the negative feedback, and I try to see her side of it, but It still didn't sit right with me. I said yes, but honestly I'm considering just moving on. She's changed and I feel she's suddenly unapproachable. I also have summer plans, birthday plans, and I'm assuming there will be days I will be sick. Now I'm trying to cancel those plans because of this temp job. Reading that out loud makes me realize how stupid it sounds.

    Do you think I'm justified for feeling like not taking the job? Any suggestions?

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