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    Smart Tips for Engineering Students

    1: Maintain good notes.

    Engineering textbooks are huge and heavy, but get the knowledge precise. Read thoroughly and mark the essential things with a highlighter. After finishing your class keeps your most useful textbooks as a reference. Your notes and highlighting will be invaluable later. You might also write them in a notebook

    2: Try knowing your professors.

    Develop a good relationship with your professors so that you could feel comfortable and approach them for help.

    3: Ask questions, reason things.

    Ask for more examples to clarify concepts and tough equations. Your batch mates would like that, your professor would appreciate you and you would be learning.

    4: Try solving a problem before you ask for help.

    Even if the problem needs prolonged effort, try yourself before asking for help. If you seek help, it should be discussing doubts and not ask someone to solve the problem for you.

    5: Study in a group.

    Working alone can be boring and monotonous at times. Studying with others will let you know other viewpoints and help you think multi dimensionally; it will provide encouragement and team work at a time of frustration.

    Follow this tips for great career in future, good habits always help you to perform better.

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    Thanks a lot for these great tips and i am sure it will be helpful if someone follows these tips on serious note. and on similar note you can also check this article which will be helpful to Engineers who are looking for Tips for Perfect CV.
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    Most Important Career Tips For Engineers

    1) Research yourself
    You might be pursuing your civil engineering studies in a college or would have completed your graduation. This is really a vast area and you need to do a lot of home work by connecting with your alumni’s, seniors, mentors, etc. After getting lots of options just choose your required profile.

    2) Get Experience

    If you get an opportunity to learn something more by joining working as an apprentice or working as an intern then go for it as it will add more value to your resume. In Civil engineering you will get opportunities working in the abroad and it will not be a waste of time and you will not regret it. It will definitely be a good learning experience

    3) Search and Find a mentor
    Search for you mentor from various sources like college, alumni’s, seniors, faculties, employee from a company, or even a family member. Just feel free to ask questions about the work environment and what is required for growth. It would give you a clarity about which feel to choose for stress free work. It is also good to have more number of mentors for checking out the probability of choosing a profile.

    4) Be open with the opportunities
    In today’s competitive world there are lots of candidates competing with each other for securing a job and it is not easy to get a job in your desired residing location and therefore you should be open with the opportunity of working elsewhere.

    5) Groom your skills well
    It is very mandatory to groom your skills for an excellent career growth. If you are not from this sector or from the engineering background you can still join classes and learn more about the various software’s used and the work profile of civil engineers on the whole.

    There are various job vacancies in civil engineering so you need not worry just focus on the above points to make your career in this field.

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    Students should never play a teer game!

    Today i waana say something which is very addicted in some areas like Assam Teer, West Bengal, Shillong etc. There is a game known as teer. It is because Teer is used in this game. Some Clubs raise this game. So Students if addicted to this its will be very difficult to come out of the sitution.. It is like daily Casino. Clubs Played are Khanapara Club and main thing in this game reffered as Teer Common Number. I will request you to be away from this game!

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