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    How to Succeed in a Visa Interview

    When making an application for a nonimmigrant Visa, there are a few things you will need to consider. In this article Gurinder Bhatti Ess Visa shares some nuggets that will help you ace that visa interview.

    Ties To Your Native Country
    Under the current immigration law in the US, all nonimmigrant visas applicants are perceived as intending immigrants until such a time as they can offer compelling reasons to the consular office that they are not. What this means is that you should have reasons for wanting to return to your native country that are more compelling than staying in the US. These ties are valid reasons that would bind you to your home country such as a job, inheritance, financial prospects, family, investments, etc.

    If you are applying for a student visa, the consular officer may ask you to outline your promise or specific intention of future employment, family or other kinds of relationships, educational goals, long term plans, grades, and career prospects within your native country.


    Your interview at the consulate will be conducted in the US national language" English. Gurinder Bhatti strongly suggests that you should take English as a Second Language '(ESL) a year prior to attending the interview. Pactice holding a fluent conversation in English with a native speaker. If your intention to travel to the US is to study English, then you will need to give compelling reasons as to the purpose the language will serve in your native country.

    Be Confident
    Do not, for any reason, tag your friends and family to the interview. The interview is for you and not third parties. The consular officer will have a negative impression if you go for the interview with a mouthpiece. If you are a minor and there are Questions that only your guardian can answer 'such as funding( then they will need to wait their turn in the lobby.

    How the program merges with your career goals
    One of the key reasons that gurinder bhatti ess global points out as a major setback to a successful interview is failure of visa applicants to paint a clear picture for themselves and the interviewer on the purpose of their education pursuits. You will need to give the consular officer reason to believe that you are in pursuit of an education and not Just simply looking for a way to immigrate to the US. Give a clear picture as to how your education will positively impact your career in your native country.

    Be Concise
    The US consulate receives numerous applications and thus time is of essence. -or starters, do not for any reason turn up late for your interview. This will not only form a negative impression but will also harm your chances of getting the interview as other interviewees who may have arrived early will not be put on hold to accommodate your lateness. Secondly, ensure that your opening remarks are precise, accurate and your answers short and to the point. This is especially critical as the interviewers will make their decisions based mostly from the impression they form of you.

    Source: Academia.edu

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