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    Top 5 Fields As An International Career

    Are you ambitious to take up an international career? This idea of finding work abroad is really appealing. Starting an international career gives you an opportunity to travel, learn new things and come across new people.
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    One of the most well-known fields of opportunity for work outside of the United States is education. Countries in which English is not the first language may offer teaching positions for a fluent speaker to teach English to either children or adult students.


    IT Development

    For a career that has not been in existence for all that long compared to some of the others on the list, few fields have had such a drastic impact on the world as Information Technology. Computers are everywhere, and the amount of jobs that give you the opportunity to work with them is steadily increasing. To start a career in IT development, you will most likely need to get a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software development, or a related field. The salary of someone in the field of Information technology varies drastically depending on where you work and what you are doing, but the majority of IT jobs pay quite well, with many boasting six figure salaries.

    Nursing is another profession that seems to have several options for those who are seeking international work. Proficiency in English is often highly valued in positions of this nature, and you may be asked to take an English aptitude test as part of your application process.

    International Business
    Another growing field that offers world traveling career opportunities is international business. There are several successful companies that are looking to expand their reach into other countries and establish offices overseas.

    Hospitality/Tourism Another very interesting field with international employment opportunities is that of hospitality and tourism. You may be able to decide where you want to live most and then search for tourism jobs available in that location. These jobs would include positions at places like resorts or hotels, popular local tourist attractions, restaurants and more – in short, any facet of the travel industry that involves interacting with or providing some level of assistance to tourists.

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