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    Unhappy I Want To Leave my Dream Job (LONG POST)

    Good evening,

    I work retail as a Visual Manager, and I am in charge of the entire program at my store. I have already have thoughts of quitting the job I prayed for, and I only started in September. Six Reasons are below:

    1) I report directly to the General Manager, yet I am the only senior manager without a workstation. Meaning I have to borrow a computer from someone else in order to complete payroll/scheduling, reconciling my work related purchases, and making visual graphics for the store. My peers get upset with ME for using their computers, so I am now in the conference room(with no printer). Mind you, there was a computer already in my office...they took it two days before I arrived and gave it to another manager. I had to ASK for another computer, and as of now, still in the Conference Room.

    2) the previous manager left two weeks before my arrival...meaning no training or turnover.

    3) On my third day(had two days of orientation) I am already being asked "what is the status on this project" "where is this package" and "can you buy this." I haven't even met my team yet, finished my onboarding, or even read through the Visual Standards!

    4) A job opening on my team was posted in July, and the previous manager left before doing any interviews or hiring a replacement. Not only did I have to explain to the applicants why they didn't hear anything until late October, but I had to reject my own associate! That caused its own separate issue. And the associate whose job was open...he left the week I arrived. So once again, no training.

    5) I am once again being caught in the middle of following the Corporate rules versus what the District management wants. This is one of the main reasons I left my last job; I was instructed by Headquarters to throw away a type of ceiling banner, as it is no longer meets the Visual standards. Well the District VP wants to keep them...I want to toss them AND follow Headquarters directions.

    6) My peers are just the worst. Too much to type.

    I am not used to this type of onboarding and communication, and I have gone to my General Manager and have gotten nowhere. Maybe I have been spoiled by my previous employers, but I feel like I walked into the lion's den. The problem is, this job pays higher than most, and I doubt I can find the same salary elsewhere. I am seriously considering leaving, I do not know what to do. I've been thinking about going back to the medical field as a Medical Coder(not an unfamiliar field, but I've been out of medical for 4 years). But I am very unhappy.

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    If discussing this with your bosses won't resolve anything, it's time to leave and go elsewhere, even if your pay will be less. It's not worth it to continue being unhappy and possibly humiliated where you are.
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    Hi - you say you have gone to your GM and have gotten nowhere, but what have you gone to him with? If you have a list of issues that you are laying on him and he is busy with his own / other priorities then it may not be a big surprise that he cannot address your long list of issues. If that is the case then can you take more ownership for finding a solution to these issues? I have seen the impact of poor on-boarding and the stress that it can cause, but if the desire is there you can get past this. Walking into the "lion's den" can sometimes be an opportunity to make a difference if you have the strength and desire to take on the challenge. Do you have a coach or mentor in your organization that you can got for help & guidance and who has the influence to help you effect change? If not that might be a good starting point. I hope things work out for you. Julie

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