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    Job Search Tips For Fresher Graduates

    Here we share a few job search tips that you can do presently to make yourself marketable compared to your contemporaries to employers as a recent college graduate.

    1. Donít delay your search, if not already started:

    As essential job search advice for the college students is that you need to start early, according to Jason Weingarten, co-founder, and CEO of talent acquisition software Yello.

    He said, if the about to be grads are just beginning their job search, they are actually behind. As early as the first year of college life, college students must start building their networks by taking part in club events, networking with faculty members, taking leadership roles within campus organizations.

    Geoff Gross, president, and CEO of Medical Guardian, said that even if youíre not interested in a particular career opportunity, the job application process can yet be helpful. You must appear in as many interviews and earn more interviewing experience as much as possible so when you land an interview for your dream job, youíll exactly know how to impress the recruiters or hiring manager.

    Gross said that when it comes to applying for jobs, donít hold back. Even if the job description doesnít sound like the type of work you wish to do, it will never hurt if you try and apply, provided you are qualified.

    2. Improve your social media presence

    Do remember that in this digital era, social media would be involved in your job search; recent grads must create a strong digital presence to make them searchable online, said Susan Vitale, CMO of applicant-tracking system iCIMS.

    Mr. Vitale said that social networking sites are always great to show off your professional skills and expand your network gradually. This also offers candidates several opportunities to connect with and interact with, companies to improve their chances of being noticed.

    Students must keep in mind that hiring managers are on social media as well and would search for a candidateís profile, according to Alexa Merschel, national talent ID leader for PwC US.

    He said that students must not forget that some of the people on social media are potential employers and future colleagues as well. The best personal brands have a professional and an adequate online presence. She quoted that owing to this, job seekers must be aware of questionable tweets and party images.

    3. Do offline networking:

    Digital networking is good, but speaking with similarly minded professionals or seasoned leaders in real also helps to influence your ultimate career path.

    In real time, networking appears the biggest thing that makes students uncomfortable, but doing so will not be good for you, said, Gross. You need to keep updated resumes and business cards with you wherever you visit because you never know when an opportunity to a network would happen and what could come out of it.

    4. Know where you want to proceed with career:

    To mention, very people go to college knowing what they want in their life. Anyways, by the graduation day, you must have some idea of where you want to land, said Monica Smith, CEO of Marketsmith Inc. She encourages new graduates to create personal road maps to go further in your career, some five and 10 years down the lane. It might change as you go, she said, but it would help you to keep moving on your journey.

    Smith said you must define whatís important to you. You have to detail your plans to anyone who would listen and without your knowledge; you could be acquiring the interviewing skills needed to activate your plans.

    Itís important you do not stress if your first job is not your dream job, or a job you wanted to find yourself, but of immense value. It is mentionable, that the new grads, regardless of where you end up, the first job usually become a gateway to every job that follows.
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