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    Question Answering the "Why you left your previous job?" Question

    I hope this is in the right thread. So I'm 17 and I've had one job at a major fast food chain, about a year ago. I only worked a couple months because of my boss not being good. She would yell at me a lot and she pushed me (physically) a couple of times. After pushing me the last time towards the fryers for not getting french fries out fast enough even though the drive-thru would take most of them and I had to wait for them to cook, I got really upset and told her I was done. We talked and she said she likes me a lot but she treated me very poorly. She said I needed to finish the rest of the day or else I'd be listed as not rehireable so I did. I'm in high school and still supported financially so the job was just more for experience. My mom had went in to return my uniforms for me as she wanted to talk to her. My old boss said she apparently loved me so much and if I ever wanted to come back I could. I don't usually put this experience on my resume or application as it wasn't very long, but I want to apply at the same company. I did love the job, I just had issues with the boss. They of course ask if I have ever been employed by the company so I do have to talk about it this time. I have no clue what to put for "Reason for Leaving" in this instance on my application. Thank you very much in advance!

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    I'd be honest they'll think more of you for that than not mentining it. If they find out later the real reason they think far less of you for being deceitful

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    Never say you had issues with a previous boss; it'll make you look bad.
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