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    Most Frequently Asked Infosys Technical Interview Questions And Answers In 2018

    Are you keen to join the IT giant Infosys, then this blog post on career guidance, with some common technical interview questions and answers, is just for you.

    Commonly asked interview questions and answers:

    1. Differentiate between C and C++:

    C follows procedural programming pattern while C++ is a multi-paradigm language

    C focuses on steps or procedure of the program while C++ focuses on data rather than the process.

    In C, data is open while data is secured in C++. This is because of the OOP features like Data Hiding which is absent in C.

    C is a low-level language whereas C++ is a middle-level language

    C uses top-down approach whereas C++ uses bottom-up approach

    C is function-driven and C++ is object-driven

    C++ supports function overloading whereas C does not

    The NAMESPACE feature in C++ is absent in case of C

    2. Define null pointer:

    In reference to computer memory, a null pointer is a command to direct a software program or operate a system to an empty location in the computer memory. This is commonly used to denote the end of a memory finding or processing event.

    A nil pointer is a false value. E.g. 1 > 2 is a nil statement.

    3. What are the 4 basics of OOP?

    This is a very common technical interview questions and answers. The 4 basics of OOP are Abstraction, Inheritance, Encapsulation, and Polymorphism.

    4. What is Object-Relational DBMS?

    An ORD is a database management system like a relational database, and with an object-oriented database model: objects, classes, and inheritance are supported in a database and in the query language.

    5. The structural difference between bitmap and b-tree index?


    This is made of branch and leaf nodes. Branch nodes hold prefix key value and also the link to the leaf node. The leaf node has the indexed value and rowed.


    It has bits for every single distinct value.

    6. What is a Database Schema?

    This is a set of formulas or sentences called integrity constraints imposed on a database.

    7. What are the various levels of database schema?

    Conceptual schema- a map of basics and their relationships.

    Logical schema- this has entities with features and relations

    Physical schema- a specific implementation of a logical schema

    Schema object- Oracle database object

    Thank You.
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