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    Management Goals

    Hi Everyone,

    I am at the end of the ride with my associates 2 year degree..

    I started as an engineering technician right out of college troubleshooting LIN, MOST, and CAN networks. I moved around quite a bit but each time progressing and eventually landing a supervisory position. This position transitioned into employee training/development which required some certifications in adult education but I never landed an official management title because HR gatekeepers required a 4 year degree...

    A couple years ago i was hired into a software position - troubleshooting the very software that was responsible for running the modules... Training was provided and it was/IS a great deal of fun... the environment is so different but in a good way.

    I managed to save up a decent amount of money to go back to school and I am looking for the right degree to leverage my experience. Im now mid 30's and not sure software engineering is the best route to take.......
    I did however find an ABET accredited BSE program- Bachelors in engineering management - the thing that concerns me is that this type of degree title I usually see in grad degree programs..

    Is this good enough to get me into management at a tech company? How will the HR gatekeepers feel about this degree?

    Any thoughts.....?

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    Quite difficult question. Now it is a very important experience

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    I do not see this question as hard to answer ;d

    London Escorting

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    Wishing you the best in whatever you choose.

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