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    Answers To Some Tricky C Programming Interview Questions

    Interviews always create some tensed situation and to make you feel easy about them, here we share some commonly asked C programming interview questions during an interview for C programming. And also shared the best suitable answers from the internet sources.

    C programming interview questions and answers:

    Differentiate between declaration and definition of a variable or function?

    Declaration of a variable or function says that the variable or function is present in the program but the memory is not for them. Whereas, the declaration of a variable or function plays an important role. When a variable is told, the program is sure about the data type of that variable. While for function declaration, the program knows about the arguments to the functions, their data varieties, the order of arguments and return kind of function. What is all about declaration? As per definition, when a variable/function is defined, besides the role of the declaration, it also has memory for the same.

    Name the various storage class specifiers in C?

    Auto, register, static, extern

    What is the scope of a variable? How are variables scoped in C?

    The scope of a variable is a section of the program where the variable might directly be accessible.

    How to print “Hello World” without semicolon?

    int main(void)


    if (printf(“Hello World”)) ;


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