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    Career Advice On Negotiating Maternity Leave

    The women, who are working and have come across maternity period, must know how essential it is and how difficult it becomes to negotiate maternity leave. Negotiating maternity leave requires some good planning. Here in this blog, we share you some career tips on how to excel in the negotiation process.

    Career guidance on how to best negotiate maternity leave:

    Know about your company’s leave policies:

    As per law, organizations which meet the criteria of having 50 or more employees living within a 50-mile radius must provide 12 weeks of unpaid leave to eligible employees to spend time in caring their child, be it after birth or adoption. Some companies also offer additional maternity leave that could be paid or unpaid. Many companies would pay for leave until doctor permits you to return to work, which is basically six weeks for a natural delivery process and eight weeks in case of C section delivery.

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