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    Career Guidance Tips:How To Prepare For Panel Interviews

    Nowadays attending a panel interview is of huge concern among various candidates. Let us see some career guidance tips for the candidates to face the interview sessions boldly.

    Understand the Purpose of a Panel Interviews:

    With the help of this, the candidateís ability to communicate effectively with multiple individuals about specific topics can be well assessed in a short period of time.

    A collective decision to choose the right employee.

    This can be more stress oriented and will take a long time to assess each and every ability of the candidate.

    Just keep in mind panel interview process is not the same as group interview process.

    Research about Panel Members

    Gather information about the company and your job profile. Use networks, LinkedIn, organizational chart and HR contact number to know about the panel members.

    Get to know how your job profile will impact your senior panel memberís job. You can also put yourself in your seniorís position and imagine how will you perform better.

    Have an analogy to explain various issues about functional areas with a good focus on a particular department.

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