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    Applying for a job that doesn't require your degree

    I'm a recent graduate with a bachelor's degree in computer science. I've been applying for jobs for about a month now, but I still haven't gotten a call for an interview, which doesn't bother me since it has only been one month and one of my friends took four months for him to land a job that uses his computer science degree. Anyways, my financial loan enters repayment in a couple of months and I want to start earning money to save up for those monthly repayments and also get job experience even though it's not related to computer science. My mother talked with one of her customers at her job and she found an office job for me. I've got 2 questions.

    1.) What should I say if the interviewer asks why I'm applying for that office job when I have a bachelor's degree in computer science? I can't be too honest and say that I'm only doing this until I find a better job.

    2.) I don't have any work experience so I mostly have programming course projects on my resume and have written programming languages as skills that I have. Should I modify my resume when passing it to the office job position? If so, how do you think I should modify it? Here is a link of my resume: http://myhpu-my.sharepoint.com/:b:/g...dqmQQ?e=bGZ7p5

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