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    Lost sol - Extremely sad

    So I thought I give a back story. I am extremely lost of what to do with my life. I am stuck in this endless rut of just doing admin jobs that tend to lead to no where no matter which company I work for. This is a job I really don't get any satisfaction or enjoyment out of.

    I have had an extremely rough life. .

    It got to a point where the entire year level picked on me for being different. I was also forced to repeat a grade because I wasn't up the scratch. After all that, I was forced to leave the country because nothing could be salvaged. I did alright during high school and managed to get into a university but half way across to the university, I failed, and failed hard. I failed at 4 attempts. Not 4 subjects, but 4 attempts at university repeating the same course failing over 30 units at university because I was suffering from a deep problem from within that has no quick fixes other than management.

    I've come to the realization that university was one big waste of time and that you don't really learn anything or use the skills in real life other than be a puppet to some corporate overlord.

    Everynight I require a respirator to breathe for me because I suffer from a respiratory illness where my skull crushes my airpipe when we are most vulnerable hence I can't go out on late nights anymore or make new friends or try anything new. I've spent 100s of thousands of dollars after this condition which has not only cost me financially but the emotional pain no one should ever go through. Doctors have wasted my time and tried to give me medication when I've told them that there is nothing chemically wrong with me but it's just a lot of bad luck. I've lost countless hours of sleep and won't ever be able to repay off the sleep debt I've accumulated. There are days where my mind tends to wander into nothingness and I feel like a dementia patient because my brain is being starved of oxygen.

    I've also been screwed over by the people I thought I could trust where I've lost over 240k dollars stolen from me by a criminal.

    I've also suffered from a severe accident last year where I nearly killed someone with the no fault my own. Hitting a human being with a vehicle is beyond messed up. The trauma is unbelievable. About the only blessing I've had is my loving family and that's it.

    I don't have a career as such. I am stuck in this admin job that doesn't bring happiness and soon will be vanishing. Everytime I apply for something new these days, everyone wants someone who has experience. No one wants to train people anymore. They also put heavy restrictions in to discourage people from apply such as having a software you've never heard of or making it even harder to start a new career path because of how expensive living has become. They've even made entry level jobs requiring experience and I don't hear anything back from volunteer programs, so don't even go there. Even then, those fields require experience.

    I am not sure where I want to go now. I'm exhausted and no one will hire me because I am too crappy.

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    Consider using your administrative experience to start your own business whether it's offline or online, maybe both. I'm sorry for the troubles you've had. As for saying you're too crappy, it's up to you to change the way you feel about yourself and take action on the areas of your life and career you must improve.
    Todd can teach you a lot about how to get a job and get more out of your career.

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