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    Looking for a freelance job in china

    [color=blue][size=6]Hi, everyone, have you ever been to China, my peaceful and beautiful country before? Are you going to come? Can you speak Chinese? Do you want to make a cute Chinese girl? Do you want to purchase goods in China?Here is a good helper for you. My name is Bobo Yue. I am a college student who will be graduated soon. My major is business translation and specialized in jewelry, garment, furniture and hardware. I have worked as a house tutor for 2.5 years, and all of the students' parents spoke highly of me. I worked in a trading company which is focus on furniture and hardware, so except speaking fluently English, I can also help you search item in wholesale market, I have got my regular suppliers, so it's easy to get a good wholesale price, besides, I can handle shipment for you. Furthermore, I was an assistant of an Italian jewlery designer before, it is also my first time to get together with a foreigner everyday, there are only he and me in the company, so my work means everything in which starts from manage his daily life condition and then I was like a bridge between he, jewelry factory and wholesale market, cause he can't speak Chinese. Thanks to him, I'm open-minded now and become considerable and 100% responsible to carry out my job responsibility. I'm not only aggressive, hardworking, enthusiastic, but also able to work under pressure. No matter how hard the job is, I will insist on, get experience and grow up. I will be appreciate to get this challenge and dedicate myself to brilliant future for your company.
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