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    How to Answer "Why do You Want to Work for Us?"

    Q: I have always wondered what exactly to say when, during the interview, you are asked something like "Why do you want to work for xyz?"

    This is a "bow and scrape" question, and I am sorry that you have to be subjected to this sort of thing. Some interviewers want you to grovel a bit and prove that you are worthy. Nonetheless, you still have to come up with a solid response.

    The first thing to recognize is that this is an aggressive question, and aggressive questions should be answered with aggressive answers. Since this is a rather stupid aggressive question, you would be best off tactfully redirecting your response by answering a slightly broader, and better, question. What your interviewer really should be asking is why you are interested in a particular field, not a particular firm. Answering this question will get you where you need to go, but with more useful, honest content:

    "From my past work experience and independent research, I realized that my skills are a strong fit for advertising and I am confident it is the right career direction for me. Being an assistant brand manager would be a great way for me to enter this business and I would be very excited to start my career at Acme, a recognized leader in this field."
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    Very informative one. i just want to add up something or put my response to that question, If i will be ask? my response is like this, " I want to work for XYZ because I know and I believe that i can give a big contribution in your company in terms of productivity and satisfaction with the guest and firm".

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    I don't think that this is a stupid question. As a former HR manager I never asked that question, but now I realize that I should have. The answer shows the interviewer if an applicant can identify with the company and its products and services. This is crucial for a long-term employer-employee relationship and for the happiness of the employee.

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    it shows whether the interviewee has info. about the company or not!

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    This question will be asked: why do you want to work with us?

    I think that it is all in how the question is asked. If the question is asked with an aggressive tone. . . Any question or statement can be phrased in an aggressive or gracious manner. Regardless, we know that this question is coming, so we should be prepared.

    If you are going to date someone, you want to know why they want to date you. You want to know that it is more than "you are cute", "you are rich", "you have a cool car".

    One reason I like to ask this question, especially in this economy is that based on the answer, I do get an idea whether or not the candidate REALLY wants to work with us. If the candidate really wants to work with us, they will have done some research, and give some sincere, interesting, and sometimes unusual answers. If I get an "i need a job", or "you are close to where I live", or "i heard you pay well", the interview in my mind is pretty much over. Every question is an opportunity to prove why you are more interesting, more interested, more passionate, and more qualified than the next guy. It can be as simple as "What first attracted me to your company was the that your company does so much volunteering in our area. It was seeing your employees helping our community that got me interested to learn more about you". Then following up with some business reasons. . . .

    I write more about some things that do tend to piss recruiters and hiring managers off when it comes to the interview here:

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