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    The Best Font Size and Length

    Tip: Font Size

    A big mistake a lot of resume writers make is that they shrink their font size when they add something new. Yes, you want to keep everything on one page, but never go under 11 point font to do so. By definition, if you have something "new and relevant" to add, something else has just become "more dated and less relevant", and can be minimized or deleted.

    Tip: Resume Length

    Generally, after about the 10th year of your career, you have enough relevant information to justify extending your resume to a second page. Mine is a page and a half.

    Just make sure that you scrutinize your dated and less important information in the same way that you did when you were trying to fit things onto one page. If the details of one of these older sections have become fuzzy and unfamiliar"so that you cannot defend them during an interview"they should not be there.

    A well-organized resume suggests a well-organized worker!

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    Depends on the font type.

    I think it's ok to use Arial 10 but not New Roman 10

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    Standard font and size would be 12 Arial. This is standard for resume writing or other supporting documents. The reason is because Arial is clear and understandable other than other font.

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    For the resume the most clear size is font 11 or 12 Arial.

    As for the length of the resume, it is not critical, but the top half of the first page should have the most relevant information to make the hiring manager read the rest of the resume. covers more tips. Job Search, Career, Salary, Pay Rise Info, Resume Samples & Tips

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    I agree with the font size, however I don't really think Arial is the good ideal font for a resume. The font itself looks unprofessional for me, I don't know why. Thanks for this information, now I know that resumes should be at least one and a half page long.

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