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    Junior Web Developer in West Yorkshire

    I am passionate about the web and computing and I am looking to further my career in an IT related role.

    I currently work 40 hours a week for my family business and I am attending college on an evening learning web development, CSS and advanced graphics. I have already passed City and Guilds Web Development level 2 (HTML), I am enhancing my skills weekly and I am demonstrating my ability to learn quickly on the course.

    I invite you to visit my portfolio http://www.jamiegill.com for more information on my capabilities and a demonstration of what I have already achieved in a short space of time.What I currently lack in skills I make up for in my ability to learn and my passion to succeed.

    I am honest and trustworthy and always work extremely hard, with a willingness to give anything a go. As a conscientious worker, I am quick to learn and deliver excellent results in everything I do.

    If you require a copy of my CV for your consideration please do not hesitate to contact me at your earliest convenience. I feel I would be an excellent candidate for your company.

    Yours faithfully

    Jamie Gill

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