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    Data Entry " Work At Home

    I would introduce myself as a homemaker. I was working till I delivered a baby and couldn't go for work after that, as there was no one to take care of the baby and my income was not really needed to run the family. But then, my self confidence and ego shattered due to the inability to make something fruitful and useful by me. Also the financial independence had taken a beating. I was searching for a home based job for a long time over the internet, but couldn't succeed. One fine day I read articles about data entry and home based jobs on I am not supposed to advertise this that gave me an insight on data entry jobs, ways to get jobs, tips for making it as a business opportunity from home. I was worried whether I could be able to do work from home just the way I used to work in an office. I read more about the subject, realized how to make a professional approach even when working from home, and also found the importance of being professional with the clients, as far they are concerned, their job is getting done, they do not bother if it is done from an office or home if the work is really good and professionally managed. If you are keen

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    As far as I can see, this is some sort of free lancing that you're doing. Responsibility, seriousness towards the clients, they all match the description. My question is: are you able to sustain yourself (financially) with doing this?
    For everyone else interested:

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    Data Entry Jobs and Data Entry Jobs

    There are a lot of scams out there for 'data entry' jobs.

    Basically they sell you a program that is just about how to post a Google Adsense advert and the returns from that are how you make money. In fact, unless you know exactly what you are doing, this is the quickest way to burn money I know of (except for actually burning it, I suppose) - the Google Adsense adverts cost a packet to the unwary.

    Yet, if I wanted someone to post the articles I write for a number of websites I have, to accounts I hold, then this would be a realistic 'date entry' job, wouldn't it?

    My rule of thumb on this (and I have bought the aforementioned 'data entry' packages!), is don't spend any money on anything. If it's a realistic job, then they will not ask you for money, you will have a way of billing them.

    Personally I use, who hold my money in a special account for my worker and then I release it when I have the work completed. Both sides happy.

    Just be aware.



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    In general, beware of those who ask for money in advance, as legitimate employers pay you money and do not ask you for money.

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    Re: Data Entry " Work At Home

    Hi Dear,

    I am looking for the home based job. I have read your article It seems you are quite satisfy with this job. Can you please or give me the name of the company so that I can start


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    Data entry is a constant need for organizations or companies that need to document its daily activities.
    Data entry mainly deals with creating soft copies of documents from a variety of input sources. The job may be either online data entry or offline data entry, depending upon the medium through which the source data is being made available.
    Online data entry jobs require the user to log in to a particular website of the client for entering client data and all entered data are automatically stored in an online database maintained by the client company.
    Offline data entry jobs do not require an internet connection as the source data is fully made available offline for data entry operators.

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    various data entry jobs are available in the net..... online and offline data entry jobs are affordable..... It is comfortable too........ I have experienced it.......

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    Well jimmy i really want Some kind job like that , i'm bit sick man and i can't do work Out sided , So please if you have some job For me please send me Pm ... i'll be very thank full to you


    Adalia Cambell

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    working as a data entry at home is pretty much risky. I have got in to scam once. the company got famous very quickly after 4 months they closed and left the country with all our investments.
    over 10mil cash.

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