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    The importance of persistence

    This is a simple tip that I think many overlook: it pays to be persistent in your job search.

    I was unhappy at my prior job, but I needed to keep working at it to pay my bills.

    So on my downtime, I treated my job search as another job. I "clocked in" and put in several hours a day of searching job listings, sending resumes, and writing cover letters.

    I was very persistent about this. I did this seven days a week for about a month and a half. Even when I got some job offers, I kept looking so as to maximize my options.

    I'm glad I did, because I ended up finding a job very suited to my skills and personal circumstances. It didn't matter that I got rejected or ignored at literally dozens of places. I found the job that was right for me because I put in the work to do so.

    Refill that can of elbow grease, and get to work looking for work!

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    Finding a job

    I know how you feel...it takes a lot out of you especially if you are giving your all and not getting any responses. It's tough economic times, and there are too many ppl applying for the same position. I think there are two essentials to increase your chances. The first one is tailor your resume to the specific position...matching those skills that are int he posting to your resume...and FOLLOW Up. In person is 10 times better, but if you are uncomfortable with that, send a friendly email a few days after you submitted your resume. Most ppl are lazy and won't follow up..this is how I got my last three jobs!

    Good luck

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    Yes, making sure that one's resume and cover are optimized for each position applied to is a must! No employer wants to see a generic cover letter/resume.

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