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    seasonal jobs/week jobs

    Ok so my struggle is that i want a job that is seasonal like fishing in alaska or tree planting but i would like to know how many other opertunites there is out there, what kind of seasonal jobs there is? Like oil riggs and stuff like that.... beacause i want to work a season then be free for a couple of months or work for 2 weeks then be free for 2 weeks.. hope you get the idea

    Things i know:

    Oil Riggs - Weekly job
    tree planting - seasonal
    Alaska fishing - seasonal

    what more is there? and what do you earn on the jobs??? if u know what u earn on the topics abow please tell me so to... and what type of educations you need would be appreciated

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    As you guessed, seasonal jobs often depend on things with, well, seasons. So jobs relating to plants, animals, and nature are often seasonal, as well as sports and tourism.

    You might want to start with a local job board or craigslist.org and search for temporary/part-time work.

    Good luck!

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    awesome question man, and I may have an opportunity for you! My company is looking for hard-working, ambitious people. We have basically 3 learning tracks with our company as far as how often you'd like to invest work into it. The first is basically what is sounds like and that is "silent partner". You would get the training you need through our company and really the job is give referrals to your recruiter or trainer and you get commission for a resulting sale. Now your probably thinking "commission based job? i can't live off of that" Let me explain some figures here.

    If you were trained and licensed with our company, you can get half of the sale of whatever position for example I'm in. I'm currently a Regional Leader and I make 700-800 dollars for every sale I do. For just calling me, again for example, and giving me a referral, I go out and do the work for you, and if a sale results from it, you get paid 400 dollars. How's that sound to you? awesome right? If you give me multiple referalls and we go out and get you that sale, you get half of all the sales that were made. 5 referrals = 5 sales = approximately 2000 dollars.

    The 2nd learning track is spare to part time, again as it sounds, whatever spare time you have 0-5 hours or part time 10-18 hours or so, is on average what everyone usually does when they start off.

    the 3rd learning track is full time and at this point you've made what we do your career.

    I want to show you more my friend but you have to hear it for yourself. This job is completely based on how much time you want to put into it. I'd love to answer any questions you have, I may not be able to answer all, but I can get you in contact with someone who does know the answer to a question I don't, and we can get you started here and you put in whatever hours you want to, get trained, get licensed and start making serious cash.

    Message me if this has piqued your curiosity, and I will do my best to fulfill your needs.

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