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    Best Interview Advice

    Interviewing can be a very stressful situation for most people. I for one have always found interviewing to be easy and usually don't have any issues, but I often interview people myself who seem to have no clue about how to set themselves apart from the crowd.

    One of the best pieces of advice I don't see written about very often is to "dress the part" - it is absolutely the one thing you can do today that can and will (trust me, I've seen what comes in the door) set you apart. In lieu of offering suggestions on what or what not to wear...you can simplify it by taking some time to go out to any department store and find the latest fashion - better yet, if you can afford to do so - buy a new - in style outfit to wear. The $50-200 you might spend to look your absolute best more than pays for itself if you don't have to keep looking for a job for another 3 months.

    If you'd like to hear more tips, I've setup a site where you can sign up for my free weekly newsletter. I'm always interested in helping people and would love to make sure your next interview is your best yet.

    Does anyone else have any tips they want to share based on your experience as a hiring manager?


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    I absolutely agree with 1hbadger. Dress is a huge part of the first impression. The other thing I can not stress enough is to SMILE from the moment you walk into the lobby of the company you are interviewing, smile when you meet people, and smile during the interview. As someone who interviews 100's of people the mood is lightened when the candidate is smiling and not treating the process like I am the CEO of the company, afraid to say anything. A smile shows that you are comfortable with yourself and if I have the choice, I want to work with someone that is up beat vs. someone who is afraid to open up. Take the interview seriously, but the majority of the people that get hired are the folks that treat the interview like a conversation with their friend and not like they are meeting an executive or someone that is VERY sr. to them for the first time. As the gate keeper, I do NOT want to pass anyone on to the hiring manager who looks bitter, looks angry, or who feels like the world is going to end. A smile will eliminate these fears.

    Hope this helps,


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    professionally dressed+ confident+ well prepared candidate just passes out the interview with flying colors!!

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    I would say Knowledge + attitude + attire + confidence + SMILE = is a great combination to get a job

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    There are various job openings available for freshers and most of the candidates are facing trouble in clearing the interview rounds and here are few career advice for those applying for a role in engineering:

    1) Problem Solving
    Just express your outstanding problem solving skills an amazing element in engineering. Integrate this with your proper planning and organizational skills which will be helpful for you.

    2) Wider Horizons
    Employers look out for all-rounded employers and not only with academic qualifications. Especially if the candidates have interests beyond their field then it will be beneficial for them. Their main search is for the employees with self motivation and kicking spirit for making an impact with the company.

    Read more at: Important Career Advice for Engineers: Donít Miss These Interview Tips

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