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    Anyone a Humanitarian? Could you answer my questions?

    Hi! I'm doing a project on Humanitarians and I need an interview for it.
    Can someone answer my questions and leave your email, if I have further questions. I only have today and tomorrow to do this. So please answer as soon as possible. Thanks!

    - What is your first and last name? (I need it so I can tell my class who you are. Although I will only use your last name)

    - What organization do you work for? Peace Corp/American Red Cross/Doctors Without Borders etc

    - What did you study in college to get this job? Or did you just want to volunteer?

    - What degrees do you have?

    - What skills and knowledge did you need to achieve your current position?

    - How did you help people?

    - What is the most memorable moment you had being a humanitarian?

    - What part of the world did you like helping the most?

    - How many languages did you learn working as a Humanitarian?

    - What are your top experiences that changed you the most? (mentally/emotionally)?

    - Is it a safe job?

    - Why did you want to be a Humanitarian?

    - Wast it worth it?

    - Did experiences change your thoughts on the world and different culture?

    - What position do you have right now? Do you work out in the field or on the inside organizing?

    - What is the scariest thing you have encountered?[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    For now these are all the questions I have. Please remember to leave your email so I can contact you!

    Also please leave your first and last name

    Thank you very much! Gracias! Merci!

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