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    New Tech for job hunters

    Every day I read about new internet technologies and new mobile applications, but I never hear about any of it for job hunters.
    Aside from the obvious (LinkedIn & etc) whats the best new tech for job hunters out there?

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    The answer depends on the kind of job, industry, etc. For example, Groovejob (http://www.groovejob.com/) is a good site for seeking part-time work. For local job listings in the US, Craigslist is often best. For white-collar jobs, LinkedIn is good. And for all kinds of jobs, Facebook and Twitter, while not as direct, can be helpful. They tap into the power of one's personal/professional network.

    Google searches should be helpful in narrowing down which job search venues to use. Then it's just a matter of putting in the work until one finds a job. Good luck!

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    I recently started using a mobile app called Brag-File, and I'd completely give it a 10 out of ten.

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    Thanks for posting that. This looks great and $3 is not too bad

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    Check out YpickMe. Will officially launch in April but is accepting beta users now. Its a technology that makes resumes interactive, multimedia enhanced. Share with your friends, family or whoever is looking for a job because its already helped few alpha users (recent college grads) land good jobs in their field.
    Visit http://www.Ypick.Me & increase your chances by 10 times to land a job
    [KINDLE contest available for early signups]

    Sign up to be a beta user to create your first INTERACTIVE resume! Help us help you land that job!

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