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    Stormy weather at my current job - Not sure where to turn

    Hello everyone,

    I graduated from a low-to-mid tier state school in North Carolina (UNC-G) in 2010 with a bachelor in Science degree. I majored in Economics and minored in Information Systems Technology. I was fortunate enough to get a job before even graduating and was able to start my new job immediately. I got married and had a baby and moved into a home with a 15 year mortgage.

    I am a business analyst for a consulting firm that specializes in Salesforce.com implementations, a CRM tool/database. I have since earned 2 certifications specifically for Salesforce.com and am feverishly working on a third. The certifications are:

    Salesforce.com Certified Administrator
    Salesforce.com Sales Cloud Consultant
    Salesforce.com Service Cloud Consultant

    I am not paid very much and it is a stressful job that requires A LOT of autonomy with very technical assignments. The value of the job is that I have received some project management experience and a lot of business analyst experience. I have been solely responsible for many process creations at different organizations including: automatic document generation for quotes, invoices, RMA's, etc. database structure, workflow, reports, custom development work (code), approval processes, and much more.

    The problem is that along the way I have failed to meet the expectations of the partners of the company. It is a small consulting firm with 2 managing partners. It is my belief that their disappointment in me has stemmed from the result of 2 projects that they have felt that I have mis-managed. The first project went out of scope and took much longer to complete. The customer was happy but my superiors were unhappy that I spent so many hours over the Statement or Work - this was also the very first project I was given to manage. The second project failing was one that was due to my request for help from the assigned project manager when I felt that I was over my head. My superiors were disappointed that I needed clarification.

    In my annual review for the first year working there I received positive feedback and a 15% raise - now since my "failings" with these two projects, my boss has met with me and told me that they feel I am messing up more than succeeding. This is hard to accept because I have only received negative feedback on 2 of the 40 projects I have been working on. Regardless, I was told that I still had value and they wanted to move me towards a "customer support role" - so when projects are completed, I would be in charge of helping with any support issues. My boss made the comment that I need to think of this as a "reset" button they are giving me.

    I am not in a position to negotiate. I have a mortgage and a baby at home. I need this job for security for my family. However, the value of this job is now gone - I am no longer going to be receiving project management experience. I mean, I can get "customer support" experience anywhere. So now I'm at a lost. My initial thoughts and discussion with my wife is that I need to continue this job because my pay and benefits have not changed - and I can prepare in the background at home for other certifications to qualify me for other jobs.

    But this is where I'm at a loss - I don't know where to begin. I have no idea what certifications I should prepare for or what other job I would be best suited to pursue. I feel that I need to begin a strong push towards making myself more valuable just in case I am forced into the job market soon. So here I find myself scouring the internet for career advice forums. Any insight regarding what career(s) I could easily transition into, or any recommended certifications would be wonderful and appreciated advice. Thank you for any comments or interest in my thread.

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    Hi Jaybe,

    First, kudos for taking the time to write out your situation. It sets the intention to improve it.

    The one thing you don't say is what your goal(s) are. Of course, they probably include making more money and joining a better workplace. But you could get certifications in a lot of things (or even get more education) to attain those goals.

    Do you want to build upon your Salesforce experience? Do you want to do something else entirely? Maybe a mixture of the two, or just want to see what your options are?

    Your Salesforce experience means that you could go into something that requires, well, Salesforce experience. Your firm probably isn't the only business that works with Salesforce. You will want to get that third certification (and more, if applicable) if you want to keep working with the Salesforce product.

    Additionally, you could see if your database/customer service/IT skills could translate into settings outside of Salesforce. Because you know Salesforce, you might be able to work with ___ (fill in the blank).

    You may want to consult Salesforce-specific communities to see what your next steps could be. Just Google things like "Salesforce forum", "Salesforce group", etc.

    In the meantime, make the best you can at your current job. If you pick up customer service experience, that is still experience that can go on your resume. It adds to your skill set. Getting disapproval for asking for help/clarification is not a feature of a good workplace, so you are right in thinking of leaving.

    Good luck!

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