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    Smile Can some-one help me In choosing the job?? *Bpo-IT*?

    Hello Friends!! I am Ashwin from Chennai, doing my last year Bsc. computer science. I have got selected in BPO Non-voice process today. Though I would like to work for TCS, I am really interested in Networking field. And I am going to do CCNA course. (I have to go to any of the Job while doing the course as the situation demands) Many, saying that It will be very useful (Experience) for my career, if I work for any of the IT company while I am doing the course. But TCS can actually Transfer the employee to the IT departmant, But for that We have to wait at least for 1 and half year. And for one year, There will be no change in my salary(12,000 app). And In the transferring process I don't know whether I will be entering in an IT as a fresher or not.

    I am really confused whether to wait till get selected in any of the IT jobs or to Proceed with TCS BPO. Some one Guide me, If possible Please.

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    Hi Ashwin,

    First, we don't have specific IT expertise here, so we can't advise you as to your IT direction.

    However, for whomever you ask your question, you will want to make it clearer. I don't understand your question at the moment.

    Is your question whether to choose between:

    (1) CCNA course and working for an IT company (not TCS) at the same time, or
    (2) Work for TCS and transfer internally to IT department?

    If you make your question clearer, you will make it easier for people to answer it. Good luck!

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