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    Advices about changing the career

    Hello everyone,
    This is a very helpful forum. I am a Physical Therapist by profession working in New York. But I live in New Jersey
    and due to family reasons cannot move out of New Jersey state. I am a graduate from India. In case of Physical Therapy you need a license for a state to practice there. Unfortunately New Jersey state does not accept degrees of foreign students. So I have to commute 4 hrs every day and work in NYC to practice PT. To get a licence in NJ I will have to study Physical Therapy from the start which I don't wish to do. I was thinking of changing my profession to something in Pharma so I can work close to my house. Can any one suggest any careers in Pharma field that can be done in 1-2 yrs with very good job scopes and high pays.

    Prompt replies will be appreciated.

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    Hi Smiley,

    Since we only offer general career advice here, not industry-specific knowledge, you should ask in a pharma-specific forum. Try Googling "pharma forum" or "pharmaceutical forum" to find some.

    Additionally, you will want to make sure that practicing physical therapy in New Jersey is truly not an option for you. It certainly seems like the most logical one at first blush.

    Good luck!

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