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    First day at work: A company just hired me. But they might think I have more skills t

    I was just hired in a company. I'm so nervous for my first day at work. There were things in my resume where Isaid that I had "ample knowledge" on computer programs (SPSS and MS Excel) I do have knowledge on these programs as I practiced them when I was still at school. BUT IT HAS BEEN TWO YEARS since I've practised it and I can't really do complex tasks (I only did them as a subject requirement in school). Now, I'm trying to youtube a lot of tutorials but I'm afraid I could not grasp everything all at once...

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    aragornvillagovich, I'm not sure what you're asking.

    The employer hired you on the basis of skills you said you have. If you don't have those skills, you had better acquire them!

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    I hope things worked out for you. If you google for SPSS or Excel tutorials you'll find plenty of them online. Get those skills refreshed, because if they're useful in your trade, you're not only going to need them on this job, but subsequent ones as well.

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    Yikes! A jobseeker should never misrepresent his skill set. Beyond the obvious, you not performing to the company’s expectations, there can be legal repercussions as well. Always criticize your choice of words with resume content to ensure your claims are as close to accurate as humanly possible. Without seeing the job description and knowing the company’s exact requirements, the magnitude of how short you’ll fall of the company’s expectations is difficult to determine at this point. In my opinion, Excel is a software you can learn quickly without much headache. SPSS, on the other hand, I’m not as sure. Since your post is dated March, either you were fired or everything worked out. Give us a status update.


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