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    Networking advice

    I'm going to be at a hotel with my family for Passover next week. The holiday is 8 days long, and the hotel has all sorts of programming for all ages. Among other things, they have scholars-in-residence and guest-lecturers throughout the week. I just found out one of the guest-lecturers is someone very well-known and important in my field. I'm looking for a job at the moment, so I'm really excited for the chance to meet this person. The thing is, we are all on vacation- but I can't pass up the opportunity, seeing as we're going to be in the same building for 8 days. Is there an appropriate way to network while on vacation? How can I make myself known without bothering him on HIS vacation?

    Needless to say, I will be attending all of his lectures and asking intellegent questions. But is there anything else I can do? Any dos and don'ts appreciated- thanks!

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    Hi anonmom,

    You have the right idea. Attend the lectures and ask good questions. You can also approach him in other contexts of this event. If the event has, say, a mixer event, do attend it and try to run into him there. Do *not* track him down at his room or engage with him outside the context of the event. Put yourself in his shoes and imagine the level of privacy you would want - then respect that.

    Good luck!

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