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    Thumbs up Want to work as a Busser Wait staff any tips websites, when to apply?????

    Ten years a go it was easy to get a job in the wait staff field. But not now

    I sent out 20 resume apply for jobs go 00000.I am a Lunch aide making

    150 a week. I like working with food and servicing people.

    if I can get a job that pay tips maybe I can make a living

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    Hi there,

    There aren't really national or all-encompassing sites for wait staff. These types of job listings are usually local. I would look at local job listings (including Craigslist, if you're American). Additionally, you could look into joining agencies or companies that hire out wait staff for events.

    20 resumes sent out is actually not many in today's economy - keep persisting, and you'll find something. Good luck!

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