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    advice on discussing termination at last job, and job hopping

    2000- 2008 left for better job
    jan 2008- jun 2010 layoff
    nov 2010- aug 2011 left for better job
    sept 2011- jan 2012 termed for violating electronics policy (someone stole my password and used it for unathorized internet use)

    My resume looks great if you take the dates off that look like job hoping... I have gotten several phone screens but I am afraid I am not moving forward because of the 3 jobs in 2 years, with the most recent being one I was terminated from, though it was out of my control. ( I had full support of my management to keep me and have letters of recommendations from them, but the Parent company enforced a "0"tolerance policy) I need advice on how to discuss why I left my most recent gig. Should I start lying? I've tried the honesty approach but I am still unemployed and am pretty sure that people truly question why I left,,though I encourage them to call my previous supervisor. Thanks for the thoughts in advance.

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    No, dishonesty is a terrible policy when it comes to employment. It always catches up to you sooner than later. Thankfully, I don't speak from experience, but I have seen it in enough other cases to advise strongly against it.

    Additionally, you have no wrongdoing to cover up, so don't make things worse by introducing wrongdoing (lying) into the mix.

    3 jobs in 2 years isn't that bad in terms of job-hopping. I've seen much worse (jobs only held for a month or two, etc.)

    One thing that might help is simply not calling attention to the termination on your resume/CV:

    Resumes should not include reasons for leaving jobs. Save that discussion for interviews. If an employer is concerned, it will ask you why you left previous jobs. And then you can explain why.

    Just working on portraying your strengths. If an employer is interested in them, it will call you in, and you can explain your history in detail.

    Good luck!

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    Honesty is key.
    My question is... weren't you able to explain yourself in your last job?
    Or did they really not trust you?
    Sam Park
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    Interesting post James.

    I agree with CleeIB, don't put any reason for it on the CV, and you can discuss in the interview. Don't lie, I feel if you look them in the eye in the interview and tell them the truth, and the fact that you have good recommendation letters from your bosses (and you can show them whilst there) shouldn't be that much of an issue.

    3 jobs in 2 years is a lot, but it definitely does not make you unemployable. I agree, the tricky part is getting to the interview stage, but once you are there you can push hard and perform a great interview. Remember, you only need 1 good job offer.

    Andrew @ AndrewLad.com

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