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Thread: War at Work

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    Question War at Work

    I am in a terrible situation. I currently have a temporary job and the environment is deplorable. I am married with one child and pregnant with the other. I really want to leave but I need the money to survive for the next 8 weeks until my contract is scheduled to be up. I don't dislike the job, but I have a horrible supervisor that does not care about us as employees. My husband says that I need to think about this more and that I may be emotionally invested in my job (which I will admit because it is dealing with children) and that I should just get over it. My perspective is that I see a lot of injustice going on at the job and a lot of things being done illegally by my supervisor. I actually reported these issues but saw no real change in the situation. It has actually gotten worse. It is depressing me because it is affecting all I do at home and work, as I can't really sleep or eat properly. What should I do?

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    Hi there,

    You need to prioritize your concerns. From my standpoint, "need the money" is the most important one.

    Of course, you don't want to perpetuate illegal activities or have a negative workplace situation affect your well-being.

    Survival is #1, so if you need the money to survive, do the 8 weeks and look for a new job at the same time. The 8 weeks will feel better if you know change is coming.

    Good luck!

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    Apply for E.I. if you live in Canada.
    But you'd have to make sure you're qualified as E.I. is usually for people who got laid off.
    Sam Park
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