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    FM Perfumes and Make Up Distributors

    Hi all
    I am currently recruiting for consultants for my team selling and promoting FM Perfumes and Cosmetics. Earn fantastic rates of commission and work towards great incentives by selling and promoting the perfumes and make up. We also have a home care range too so there is more than one selling option. Fm is an amazing opportunity to join at the moment so if you would like more information then please get in touch you can get started straight away. Work when you want for as many hours as you want. No minimum sales or sales targets. Ongoing training and support available.




    Here is a little about FM

    FM (Federico Mahora) is an exclusive designer brand expanding rapidly throughout the world. We market our products via a channel of independent agents (people like us and a bit like Avon), instead of using shops, models, celebrities, and TV ads.

    As we market via word of mouth and customer referrals, it means 2 things, firstly we can keep out prices very competitive, and secondly, the quality needs to be excellent as we offer a personal guarantee of satisfaction.

    Does your local perfume store offer you this????

    Do you realise that up to 97% for the cost of fragrances in shops go on marketing, advertising, celebrity endorsements and packaging?

    FM offers the largest selection from any of the Fragrance Houses, with over 160 exclusive fragrances in our range. We market our perfumes by numbers, and mostly standardised packaging meaning lower costs and also we can respond to market/fashion trends very quickly.

    We do not sell copies. While a brand name, packaging etc can be trademarked, a smell cannot. A fragrance will smell different on different people. We have 100 fragrances in our classic range costing just 11.99 for 30 ml ladies parfum or 50 ml EDP for men.

    We source our perfume oils from Drom, who produce oils for 85% of the world's perfumes houses. We only use the highest quality, purest of oils in our products. We manufacture our fragrances in Europe and our workers are paid fairly and enjoyed good working conditions. Much of our packaging is made from eco-friendly materials. Our products are not tested on animals.

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    Moving to Job Vacancy.

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    Hi Kirsten, is this position still open? I'm interested in finding out more about this.

    Best Regards

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    Kelly, you'd probably do best to email directly the address provided. Good luck!

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    Thanks, will do!

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