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    Found this Career One-on-One Q&A Site...anyone else heard of it?


    I am looking for job and I know the economy sucks...I am on linkedin, but you have to pay money to contact people directly out of your network and their are limitation on how many jobs you can apply to.

    I found this site...careertagged.com. It looks very interesting, seems new. I think I am going to sign up, anyone esle heard of it?

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    Never heard of it... let me know how it goes.
    Sam Park
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    My school registered with them a couple of months ago. I must say It is one of the best concepts I have seen!
    It is not a open website for anyone to join...your school has to register and you are able to ask students and alumni questions. What is even cool is that job board is control by the community, so students and alumni are the ones posting jobs for other people (students and alumni) to apply to.

    I am VERY happy, this is a great tool my school has given us...impressed! This site is going to popular very soon...

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