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    Please welcome our new Resident Experts!

    Hi all,

    I'm pleased to announce the addition of two Resident Experts, Teena Rose, and Andrew Ladommatos, to CVTips.com!

    These Resident Experts are seasoned career counseling professionals who will answer questions around the forum. Feel free to ask them questions and to check out their respective websites. You'll be able to tell the Resident Experts by their blue forum badges.

    Here's some background on each.

    Teena goes by the user name ResumeWriter. Her website is http://www.resumebycprw.com/.

    Teena Rose is a professional speaker, career coach, book author, former columnist, and top-endorsed resume writer and job strategist with ResumeToReferral.com. She leverages job-search collateral (i.e. resume, cover letter, executive bios), applying new social networking, personal branding, online portfolios, and new technologies/tools to further benefit the careers of her clients.

    Andrew goes by the user name AndrewLad.com. His website is http://andrewlad.com/.

    Andrew Ladommatos, @ AndrewLad.com, job blog website and professional mock-interview and resume / CV writing services. As an ex-headhunter who has been highly successful in the London and Hong Kong recruiting markets, I want to share my wisdom with candidates around the world to increase their competitive advantage and enhance their career.

    Welcome, Teena and Andrew, and thanks for sharing your expertise with us!

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    Hey, welcome to you both!

    Andrew - fancy running into you here. My post referring job-seekers to your resume writing service will be live soon. You'll make a great addition to this forum I am sure.

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    Please welcome our newest Resident Expert, Brent Jones!

    Here's some background on him:

    Brent Jones is a recruitment specialist living in Toronto, Canada. Having spent the majority of his professional career in recruiting, coaching and development, Brent actively blogs on career advice and strategies for job-seekers at JobGettingTips.com. He is also the author of the successful interview guide 7 Fatal Mistakes Made by Most Job Applicants.

    You've probably seen many examples of Brent being helpful around here - thanks, Brent!

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    The pleasure is all mine!

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    Indianapolis, IN


    hello to all

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    Hi James. Welcome.

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    Hi to all experts..

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    Hi All,
    A warm well come to this board.

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    Hello! I'm new here. Very pleased to join your conversation


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    Hello all. Welcome all to the forum friends.

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    Hello all, Welcome to all forum friends.Please share the details related to Job hunting.

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    Thanks for welcome

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    most wellcome

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    Welcome here..
    Hello my name is Batool Ali, I am new here i hope we enjoy our stay here and share good and helpful information with each other.

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    hi everyone,

    I'm Stephen Harvey, and new to this site. Hope I will help and can contribute on this site, as well as to learn from others. Looking forward for everyone of you and I hope that we will get along with each other in term of forum discussion.

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