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    Outdoor jobs for an electrical engineer


    I'm hoping all you job seekers can give me some suggestions on my job search. After 6 years of sitting in windowless offices and labs I'm starting to feel a little bit of cabin fever. I'd love to find an electrical engineering job with some opportunities to get out in the field once in a while. It seems most jobs I can find like that are in the power field but my experience is in digital design, FPGAs and imaging sensors. Does anyone know of some companies that have opportunities to take the work outside every so often?


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    outdoors (great user name!) - We don't have specific knowledge of the EE industry, so you may want to make your inquiry in a more industry-specific setting, like an EE forum. Additionally, there are probably job boards out there that are oriented towards engineers. Those could maybe aid you in your search.

    Good luck - it's great to get out of the office!

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    Re: Outdoor Jobs for an Electrical Engineer

    You can find electrical engineer jobs in the oil & gas industry that offer field work. You will get competitive remuneration and benefits apart from the chance to work in a dynamic working environment. You will get an opportunity to work in key locations across the globe. It is the work of electrical engineers to design the computer network that controls machinery and heavy equipment used in an oil rig. There is a lot of scope for pursuing a successful career as an electrical engineer in the oil & gas industry. Moreover, electrical engineers will have the opportunity to travel outdoors for field work as well.

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