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    Love my job but not enough hours. Plus,trying to advance. WWYD ?

    Ok so I finally, finally found a job I love. I was a stay-at-home mom when my 2 kids were really young. I am in my mid 30's.

    So my first job after returning to work was in a doctor' s office working front/back desk and referrals full-time. I did that for a year. I liked the job but not the location (emergency dept of high crime area (downtown) clinic--very scary stuff). I worked there 1 year and had a man come in late at night and threaten me if I didn't give him drugs he was going to kill me. I quit. I was making 9.25/hr

    So I found another job where I thought I would love it. Eye dr office. Full time. Nice city near my home town. Turned out to be a horror story...long story short I had joined on to a sinking ship where employees were jumping off board quicker than I could blink. (Lost 3 my first week!). There was no management, no training, and the dr's were owners and trying to train us. They were like Hitler. So after 1 month I could not take it. I quit. I know that looks bad. I was making 9.50/hr

    I said all that to say I finally, finally have a job I am in love with. I work at a major corporation (global) answering their global and local switchboard calls and keeping databases updated with employee information,etc. I make over 13.00 an hour which is a lot , to me. I have a cubicle (hey it makes me happy!). The problem is I work part-time. VERY part-time. 2 days 1 week, 1 day the next...then payday. So usually 3 days per payday.

    I interviewed 3 times to get the job. They told me it would be part-time but did not mention exact hours. I have been here almost a year. I am not making enough to help pay the bills they way I was.

    I love my managers and coworkers. HOWEVER 2 of them (the other 2 part-timers) are ages 65 and 70. They know very little about computers and they are happy as clams to only work very limited hours. They both told me "we get paid whether we are here or not!" (drawing retirement from previous job plus social security).

    I am trying to stand out. I do more computer work than everybody else. I have updated many documents that were not up to date. I am always covering shifts for anybody who is sick (out of the 5 of us). I make "cheat sheets" when company policy changes or when we acquire a new company, and with my bosses permission I distribute them to the other switchboard employees and the other employees who are computer technicians (we share management with their department).

    My boss is always saying how helpful I am. The others say they really appreciate me keeping everybody up to date.

    I need more hours, though. I don't get benefits. I would like to be working at least 3 days per week. There are no extra hours to go around. Do I wait this out hoping one of the others FINALLY retires once and for all ? I am a youngish mother of 2 who needs money ! I am married and still we are not making it.

    Should I ask my boss for more hours ? Should I find another part time job ??

    I don't want to mess this one up !

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    Hi LoveMtns,

    It can't hurt to ask for more hours or a full-time position. The worst thing that could happen is that your employer says no. It is unlikely that you could face worse if you asked, since you seem to be a productive employee.

    If you get the hours you want, then great.

    If not, then act accordingly. Look for an additional part-time job. Or look for a full-time job or a job with more hours elsewhere. Just because you like your current workplace doesn't mean that there aren't other workplaces that you'll like.

    Don't let your previous negative experiences make you too attached to your current workplace. The lesson from those is to do due diligence before accepting an offer - see how happy the employees are, the turnover rate, etc.

    If you need to make more money, then go out and make it. Start with your current workplace. If that doesn't work, then look elsewhere. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoveMtns View Post
    Should I ask my boss for more hours ? Should I find another part time job ??
    I feel a little like you answered your own question right at the very end.

    Yes - if your boss is constantly telling you how helpful you are, you should sit down with him or her first and explain the situation - that you need more hours. If you are truly valued there, your boss won't want to lose you and might be able to help you out.

    And yes, it is always a good idea to keep an eye out for other employment opportunities. Based on the schedule you described, it sounds like your hours are consistent bi-weekly. That should make it easy enough to find something else you can do on the side.

    CleeIB makes a good point though - don't walk away from this job, but don't put it on a pedestal either. There may be even better opportunities out there you're not yet aware of.

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