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    Multiple Jobs for Same Period - Best Way to Show on Resume

    I primarily do consulting work, so I have a lot of different jobs to show. From what I have heard, resumes should try to be no longer than 2 pages, mine has currently grown to 5 pages.

    One of the aspects that I'm struggling on is that I have a period on my resume where I was technically working for 3 different companies at the same time.

    Company A - Part time (Remote Work)
    Company B - A company that I started to compensate for the part time hours
    Company C - A full-time position where I had to work on-site.

    So, here's the sequence of events. I was working for Company A and I started up my own consulting company (Company B) to compensate for the part time hours. I was then hired by Company C for a one year contract position. I am no longer working with Company C but am still working with Company A, now on a full-time basis.

    What would be the best way to display all of this? Would listing them all as one entry with the associated tasks be the best? e.g.

    Company A (2007-Present), Company B (2008-2012), Company C (2011-2012)

    Or would it be best to have separate entries? If so how would I list those. Lots of questions I know but I'm really struggling on this, so any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Dantana, the answer depends on the kind of work you're doing for these companies.

    If you're doing the same work for each company, then it makes sense to list them together.

    If you do different work for each company, then list each company separately.

    Also take into account length of tenure. Jobs that last only a few months don't look great on a resume; try consolidating multiple such listings if you can.

    In general, try consolidating listings if you've had a high number of employers. 5 pages is way too long for a resume. You may want to impose a cutoff date (say, last 10 years) to limit your page count.

    Good luck!

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    I would say separate entries of course.

    But three positions does not justify a five page resume. (Frankly, 10 positions doesn't justify a five page resume) The only goal of a resume is to get a call for an interview. You can take a longer resume to an interview with more information to refer to. If I can be so crass, a resume should be a 1-2 page advertisement for your expertise. That's it.

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