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Thread: CV Suggestions

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    CV Suggestions

    Hey Guys/Girls,

    I've handed out lots of CVs to many different employers for many different jobs. And i'm getting nothing back. Could anyone take a look and see if there is anything I am doing wrong?




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    Hi Andy,

    Your query suggests part of the problem - you shouldn't hand the same CV to every employer. If you are applying for "many different jobs", and they are different in nature, then you should be tailoring your CV for each job. You will want to emphasize different experience and skills, depending on the job.

    For example, if you are applying for a web design job, you will want to expand on "Designing websites in free time". You might want to move it into your skills or even your work experience, list the websites that you've designed, and list your web design skills (graphic design, HTML, Java, front end engineering, etc.).

    Second, insert some achievements into your duties, and use numbers if you can. That way you are showing, not just telling, and your work becomes more real to employers. For example, instead of "Dealing with customers", you could say something like, "Resolved on average a dozen daily customer inquiries". That shows results from your work, not just that you showed up.

    Good luck!

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    Wow! What a mess... (Sorry, just being honest)

    Both observations made by CleeIB I have to back up 100%. I was thinking the exact same thing. Your resume is too focused on duties rather than accomplishments. And all its content needs to be customized to every job you apply.

    But I'll take it a step further because I'm not shy when it comes to brutal honesty. Your resume is a disaster.

    First off, I get that you are leading with education rather than experience since you do not have a lot of experience. But unless the UK is on some kind of different grading system than I am used to, I'm not aware of anyone handing out merit points for "B-at-best-with-several-C's-and-D's" students. Get your grades out of there.

    And putting things like "High level of interest in body language" - what are you thinking? Do you think hiring managers are tossing out all the resumes with good grades and valuable experience on them thinking, "Man! If I could only find someone who is interested in body language, we'd have our perfect candidate."

    A resume isn't your life story. It's a one (possibly two) page advertisement selling YOU as the exceptional product.

    I'm sorry for being so harsh, but you need to understand that a resume cannot be anything less than FLAWLESS. It is your one and only opportunity to capture a remote bit of interest. And this is why I PREACH 'til I'm blue in the face that amateurs should not make their own resumes - because they look amateur. And they get tossed along with all the other homemade resumes. Spend a couple bucks and get a professional to create a proper resume for you. Save the original then tweak it slightly for each new job you apply to.

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    I agree with the posters before me. You should use more accomplishments
    You can not only do away with the grades. Once you get a university degree, secondary education is generally left off a resume. If you do decide to keep it on there, I would suggest to put the most relevant GCSE course at the top (and not lead with drama).

    Also, in your job for PB Distribution you end with a period sign. Either use them on all bullets or use them on none of them. Be consistent. You also misspelled team-building. Make sure the spelling of your resume is impeccable.

    Finally, a Personal Alcohol Licence is neither a hobby nor an interest. It's a qualification -- one you should only really mention if it's relevant to the job. To add to that, such a licence is valid for a limited amount of time, so listing when you got it, might be a good idea.

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