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    10 Highest Paying Jobs in Finance

    Check out this great article that was submitted to my blog listing the top 10 paying jobs in finance. (If the financial sector is of interest to you, you will want to read this!)


    Best wishes as always,


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    Why do none of these career advice articles ever talk about the long hours involved?!

    As you may have read, I did a graduate program at a major financial services company.

    One thing that they never told anyone at college and when choosing the career is how much time such careers sap out of your life. Time that you could spend on your health, on your life, on civic duties, friends and family.

    While I fully enjoy the topic, I chose to stay away from finance just because of the long hours and am currently struggling even in a less intensive industry.

    Life is very important and there is more to life than the office.

    For some reason, people seem to forget that and I am personally in a deep crisis of thought and integrity due to how this lack of time is affecting me.

    Still, I consider myself much luckier than my college friends who did stay in finance and have no free time even in the weekend. They have no other way to get promoted.

    Career counselors, why do you hide that fine print from students/future professionals?
    They deserve to know the truth.

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    Hey FES,

    Well... I often get blasted for being honest to a fault. So I certainly hope you're not talking about me when you say "career counselors" like to hide the truth.

    This article was referencing the top ten paying jobs in finance, not the top ten jobs with the shortest time commitment.

    I have several friends and associates in financial services and I can't say that my findings are the same... I'm not aware of them any of them that have poor work/life balance.

    That said, I must say for a sector that has failed people over the past couple years as badly as finance has, it stands to reason that there might be a few people with plenty to do...!

    Anyway, if you're interested in articles I've written on the topic of recruiter integrity and honesty (or lack thereof), they come in abundance... but as far as blasting the career coaches for not telling your friends they'd be working weekends, I think you might blasting the wrong guy. (Especially considering I didn't even write this article...)

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    Hey Brent Jones, sorry I came across that way.

    I didn't mean to "blast" you or anyone else for that matter. No specific person.

    What I meant was simply that many of these big and successful careers are often (in general, regardless of who does it) rose-tinted, put in a very positive light without taking into account all the sacrifices a person may have to commit in order to actually BE successful at them.

    Law, finance, and other major roles in the business office.

    Everywhere I go I get the impression that the common rule is: those who work longer get paid more. Those who sacrifice their girlfriend/relationship, family, friends, personal interests, etc. in order to work, become more successful.

    But the main point I am saying is: I was never aware of those factors while I was at college/university.
    Nothing was ever written or mentioned about that anywhere.

    When I said "career counselors", I rather meant the whole culture and imagery around promoting successful careers, which includes brochures, career guides, career fairs, etc.

    I found out what long hours meant only while on the job...

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    Hi FES,

    I suppose it depends how you measure success. Most things worth doing in life take a lot of hard work - that includes building successful relationships, maintaining personal interests, building a career, etc.

    I wrote an article on time management that might help:

    And I agree with you. Transparency is often not found in anything to do with recruiting, whether it be our colleges or our employers.

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    Thanks for sharing this useful website. Now, I know what us the highest paying job.

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