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    PLS check my job objective?

    Hi guys! I'm from Germany and this is my firtst CV/resume. I'm applying for a graduate talent pool to get an internship in the US. Now i need to wirte a resume. Could someome check my job objective please. It's formulated quite generally because i'm not applying for an concrete internship.

    "Highly motivated master‘s degree student in business administration and electrical engineering applying for an internship to enhance practical knowledge. Excellent communication and teamwork skills as well as strong analytical and probling solving capabilities."

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    Hi there,

    Your objective looks good. You may want to tailor the "to enhance practical knowledge" part to be more specific to whatever employer you're applying to. That way you look like a better fit for the company - your goals match what they do. Good luck!

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    I personally am a big fan of phrasing Objectives like, "Sales professional with a proven track record of excellence seeks [name of open position] at [name of company]." It should be CRAZY-level specific.

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